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For our residential service, please fill out our Request a Quote form. Our service consists of various sizes of tip carts. Sizes vary by the amount of waste accumulated in a week’s time.

We suggest calculating by the following estimate:

Tipcart sizes

65 gallon: 3 – 4 people
95 gallon: 5 – 6 people
Residential Trash Service in Northwest Iowa


For our commercial service, please fill out our Request a Quote form. We will gladly send out a representative to evaluate your needs and provide a quote. Commercial service consists of various sizes of dumpsters. Sizes vary from the size of business and the amount of times you want us to stop by and empty your dumpster in a week.

Dumpster sizes

2 yard – 36″ x 63″ x 48″

  • This is our most popular dumpster! It can be found at many small businesses where space is limited. It has 2 lids and 4 wheels.

3 yard – 80″ x 63″ x 48″

  • This container is available with or without lids.

4 yard – 90″ x 63″ x 48″

  • This dumpster also works well with or without lids for medium-sized projects.

6 yard – 126″ x 63″ x 48″

  • This container is good for big projects and can be seen at large businesses. It can come with or without lids.

20 and 30 yard roll offs are also available for large construction or demolition projects! 

Dumpsters in Northwest Iowa


If you live outside of city limits, don’t worry! Sanitary Services provides tipcarts and dumpsters to customers within a 50-mile radius of Cherokee. Fill out our Request a Quote form and our staff will be in touch about pick up times.

Garbage Service in Northwest Iowa

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